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dr. Ichanesya Pratama Chan
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About Us

Glojas Aesthetics Indonesia

One Year of Excellence in the Beauty Industry, Accompanied by Prestigious Awards and Experienced Medical Team. Over the past year, Glojas Aesthetics Indonesia has emerged as a premier destination in the beauty industry. With an experienced and skilled medical team, we have been recognized with awards for our dedication to providing the best beauty treatments to each patient.

At Glojas Aesthetics Indonesia, the safety and comfort of our patients are our top priorities. With state-of-the-art technology and high-quality machine, we are committed to delivering optimal and satisfying results for each of our patients.

With us, you can trust your beauty and skin care treatments to an experienced and dedicated medical team. Glojas Aesthetics Indonesia is ready to help you achieve your best appearance.

Our Goal


To become a leading beauty center in Indonesia that provides leading beauty solutions for every individual.


1. Providing high quality beauty services using the latest technology and the best treatments.
2. Prioritize patient satisfaction and comfort by providing trusted care.
3. Prioritize innovation in every aspect of our services to meet diverse beauty needs.

Youthful with Glojas

Klinik Glojas menyediakan konsultasi individual, dimana kami akan membahas tujuan perawatan mereka dan membuat rencana yang disesuaikan dengan preferensi mereka.

International Partnership

Embracing the Friendship Glow: Glojas Aesthetics Indonesia and Malaysia Unite for Beauty and Wellness

In the dynamic realm of aesthetics and wellness, the friendship glow between GLOJAS Glojas Aesthetics Indonesia and its Malaysian counterpart shines brightly. Specializing in hand transplants and aesthetic procedures, these branches collaborate to bring world-class treatments to patients across Asia and beyond. GLOJAS Glojas Aesthetics, an international organization, is a global player committed to elevating the beauty and wellness industry. With a highly qualified team, they focus on making quality treatments accessible. Their shared vision aims to create a positive impact, ensuring excellence and innovation in the diverse services they provide